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There are currently four conveniently located full service ATMs on the island. Credit Union members can use these to deposit cash/cheques, make cash withdrawals and check account balances.





  • ATM in the North:

Office of the St Lucia Co-operative Credit Union League Ltd located at #8 William Peter Boulevard, Castries


  • ATM in the South:

Office of the Laborie Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, Vieux Fort branch located on New Dock Road, Vieux Fort

  • ATM in the East:

Office of the Mon Repos Eastern Co-operative Credit Union Ltd located in Mon Repos.

  • ATM in the West:

Office of the Choiseul Co-operative Credit Union Ltd located in Choiseul.


  • Can I use my UNICARD at any other ATMs?

    At this time the UNICARD can only be used at those ATM locations listed above.



  • How can I get a UNICARD?

    Submit your details online using the form on this webpage to be contacted OR Contact your credit union directly for further application and submission information.



  • Is there a cost to obtaining or using the UNICARD?

    This varies with individual credit union therefore please contact your credit union to find out their specific cost.

    There are no transaction fees and there is no fee for using the UNICARD at the ATM.



  • What are the UNICARD’s limits?

    Your credit union will provide you with this information as each credit union has prescribed limits.



  • Can the UNICARD be used to pay for purchases at
    Point-Of-Sale locations?

    The UNICARD can only be used at the mentioned ATM locations. Members will soon be informed when their card can be used at other bank ATMs and Point-of-sale devices.



  • What accounts can I access with my UNICARD?

    You can access any account allowed by your credit union. Please contact them for further information.



  • What do I do if my UNICARD is lost or damaged?

    Report the incident to your credit union as soon as possible in order to have the card disabled immediately for security purposes.



  • Is there a fee for a replacement UNICARD?

    There is a $10 replacement fee for cards.



  • Can another person use my UNICARD?

    Your card and personal identification number (PIN) should be kept private and not shared with any other person.



  • Will my UNICARD expire?

    Your card will expire within the prescribe date noted on the card, which is within two to three years.



  • What do I do if I forget my PIN?

    You should visit your credit union to perform a pin reset to regain access to the service.



  • How do I change my PIN?

    You can change your PIN at your credit union.



  • How can I see my card transactions?

    You can inquire into card transactions at your credit union or using your credit union’s online banking platform if applicable.



  • If I am a member of two credit unions,
    can I have one card for them both?

    You will need to have separate cards for the respective credit unions.



  • If I am overseas, can I apply for a UNICARD?

    At this time you will only be able to access this service within St. Lucia.

    However, you can contact your credit union directly to obtain more information.



  • Will having a UNICARD allow me to
    significantly deplete my savings?

    No. Members have the option to create a specific account for ATM access purposes whereby savings can be maintained on a different account. The service is one of convenience to reduce time taken for your normal in-house transactions.



  • Where can credit union members access more information?

    For more information about UNICARD, please contact your Credit Union or the St. Lucia Co-operative Credit Union League Ltd at 452-5467.


Stay tuned for more features to come because we are going INTERNATIONAL!


Under Principle #6 Cooperation among Cooperatives, the majority of the St. Lucian Credit Unions came together under their umbrella body “The League” to bring to you the UNICARD. A card which is solely owned by the Saint Lucia Credit union Movement for use by its valued members.

The UNICARD, by the participating credit unions, represents the coming together of sister credit unions, symbolizing togetherness to demonstrate the credit union movement’s strength is in unity. The UNICARD is a card branded exclusively as a SLU CREDIT UNION CARD. A one movement initiative preserving our identity and uniqueness as Credit Unions.



  1. Make deposits and save at any time
  2. 24-hour convenient access at great locations
  3. Quick cash withdrawals
  4. Quick, east transfer of funds between accounts at the same Credit Union
  5. No more waiting in the teller line



ATM Locations



St. Lucia Co-operative Credit Union League Ltd.

Castries, St. Lucia.

Land Line: (758) 452-5467

Fax Line:    (758) 453-7387

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